Lee Penkman

I consider myself a useful part of any organization because of my strong technical expertise, work ethic and communication skills coupled with a general passion for creating quality software within deadlines.

Work Experience

Weta Digital Logo
Weta Digital

September 2015 – Present

Weta Digital is a world leading, award winning, premier visual effects company.

Technologies: Python, nginx, Ansible.


  • Production tracking tools
  • Improving artists workflow
Dot NZ Logo
.nz Registry Services

August 2014 – September 2015 (1 year 2 months)

NZRS manages the DNS and .nz namespace in New Zealand.
As a subsidiary of internetNZ we work towards making the internet better for everyone.

Technologies: Django, Rails, D3, Frontend Development.


  • Registrar stats dashboard
  • Broadband map
Infoxchange Logo

December 2013 – July 2014 (8 months)

Infoxchange is a not for profit working closely with the Australian Government to make sure Technology is Easy to use and Accessible.
I have been coding remotely, telecommuting into stand-ups, retros and planning meetings, communicating pro actively via chat.
I introduced behaviour/test driven development with Jasmine, code quality has improved and bugs are now under control.

Technologies: Python, Django, Docker, Bash, Less, Backbone, Bootstrap, PostgreSQL.


  • Human Services Network for NSW Government
  • Service Seeker (Similar to Google Maps)
99designs Logo

April 2013 – December 2013 (9 months)

99designs is the world’s largest crowd sourced graphic design website.
At 99designs i became extensively experienced in responsive and mobile first design, distributed and cloud computing, Amazon web services, Agile development methodologies and performance optimization.

Technologies: PHP, Go, JavaScript/jQuery, AWS, RequireJS, SASS, MySQL and MongoDB.


  • Design annotations (commenting on part of an image).
  • Campaign monitor to Mailchimp migration.
  • Migrating data to a new SSO service.
Kiwiplan Logo

November 2012 to April 2013 (6 Months)

Kiwiplan provides intelligent solutions for the manufacturing industry.
I was on the special projects team covering fixing bugs, increasing developer productivity, test automation and Data Warehousing/Business Intelligence.

Technologies: Pentaho BI, Java, ExtJs, MySQL, MSSQL, ETL.


  • Migrating distributed/service oriented systems to use Spring Remoting.
  • Developing Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence solutions.
University Of Auckland Logo
University Of Auckland

March 2012 to November 2012 (9 Months)

I helped teach Java, Python and general computing to Students at the University. The work was fun and interesting as there was a large set of skills coming into computer science and many bright students.

Kiwiplan Logo

November 2011 to February 2012 (3 Months)

As an intern at Kiwiplan I was mentored through the whole software development lifecycle, from gathering functional requirements to designing mockups, modeling client server interactions and database schemas to development, test automation and quality assurance. Afterwards I gave a presentation about work I had completed and my great experience.

Technologies: Java, ExtJs, MySQL, Maven, SVN, Tomcat, Hibernate, Spring, Balsamiq, Jenkins.


  • Continuous Automated Scheduling Environment (rule based system).
SGB Services Logo
SGB Services

January 2010 – July 2010 (6 Months)

I was a Web Developer Apprentice at a small startup which mostly imported goods and developed E-Commerce websites to sell them.

Learned: LAMP, HTML/JS/CSS, AdWords/Analytics/AdSense, SEO/SEM, Marketing.


  • Designing and building E-commerce websites from scratch and marketing them.
  • Developed a flight time calculator.

Pet projects

Bitcoin Logo
BitBank.nz - Live Cryptocurrency Prediction Dashboard

Accurate, actionable predictions explained with evidence

Technologies: Python, Postgres, AI/Machine Learning, Google cloud, Material design.

How.nz Logo
How.nz Tech Blog

Technologies: Node, Hexo.

Mom.nz Logo
Mom.nz Blog of a mom

Technologies: Node, Hexo, now Ghost.

Reading Time Logo
Reading Time - Helps Kids Read

Technologies: App engine, Reveal.js, Python.

Ring Logo
Ring.nz - Find Your Perfect Ring

Find perfect rings from Pascoes, Micheal Hill, Swarovski, Pandora and more.

Technologies: Node, Express, Polymer, AWS, Elastic Beanstalk, Postgres.

reWord Game Logo
reWord Game

reWord Game - So Sentences Seem Sensible!

Technologies: Python, Google App Engine, JavaScript.

Big Multiplayer Chess Logo
Big Multiplayer Chess

Big Multiplayer Chess - Massive Chess Game!

Technologies: Python, Google App Engine, JavaScript.

WebFiddle Logo

Edit the web and share the results!

Technologies: Python, Google App Engine, JavaScript, Originally Node, Express, Heroku.

Evangeler Logo

Create Viral Marketing Campaigns! Promote Your Product With The Power Of The People!

Technologies: Python, Backbone, Facebook API, Google App Engine.

Multiplication master Logo
Multiplication master

Multiplication Master is a fun way of learning maths.

Technologies: Python, Bootstrap, JavaScript, Google App Engine.

Addicting Word Games Logo
Addicting Word Games

Addicting Word Games! Play Addicting Word Games Now!

Technologies: Python, Bootstrap, JavaScript, Google App Engine.

Word Smashing Logo
Word Smashing

Addicting & Fun Word Puzzle

Technologies: Python, Bootstrap, JavaScript, Google App Engine.

Shopping Smart Logo
Shopping Smart

New Zealand Price comparison website

Technologies: ASP.NET, C#, MVC 3, Originally Java & Google App Engine



Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

2010 2nd Semester
COMPSCI 101 Principles of Programming A+
COMPSCI 111 Mastering Cyberspace: Introduction to Practical Computing A+
MATHS 108 General Mathematics 1 A-
STATS 101 Introduction to Statistics B+
2011 Summer Semester
COMPSCI 105 Principles of Computer Science A+
2011 1st Semester
COMPSCI 210 Computer Systems 1 A-
COMPSCI 225 Discrete Structures in Mathematics and Computer Science A+
COMPSCI 230 Software Construction A+
COMPSCI 280 Enterprise Software Development A-
PHYSICS 140 Digital Fundamentals A+
2011 2nd Semester
COMPSCI 215 Computer Systems 2 A
COMPSCI 220 Algorithms and Data Structures A+
COMPSCI 335 Distributed Objects Services and Programming A+
MATHS 208 General Mathematics 2 A-
PHIL 105G Critical Thinking A-
2012 1st Semester
COMPSCI 350 Mathematical Foundations of Computer Science A
COMPSCI 351 Fundamentals of Database Systems A-
COMPSCI 369 Computational Science A+
COMPSCI 373 Computer Graphics and Image Processing A
EDUC 121G How People Learn B
2012 2nd Semester
COMPSCI 314 Modern Data Communications B
COMPSCI 320 Applied Algorithmics A
COMPSCI 340 Operating Systems A-
COMPSCI 367 Artificial Intelligence A


Kiwiplan Scholarship for excellence in Computer Science and Software Engineering

Top in the class Scholarship for CompSci 369 Computational Science

J.C. Butcher Award in Theoretical Computer Science


Coursera Machine Learning

W3Schools certified JavaScript developer (with excellence)

W3Schools certified PHP/SQL developer

W3Schools certified HTML/CSS/XHTML developer


I Graduated Computer Science in two and a half years

First place; CS101 game programming competition

We came 6th in the 2012 New Zealand Programming competition (Tertiary open) as part of team "'); DROP TABLE Teams;"

My interests

Big Data

I understand the challenges and trade offs faced when conquering big data, from data modeling in Relational vs NoSQL databases, implementing parallel ETL logic flows code first vs using graphical tools, Data warehousing strategies like columnar databases, Star Schemas and OLAP Cubes to Data visualization tools and design patterns, I love these challenges that come with enabling smart decisions.

The Web

I love hacking the web, pushing the limits with the worlds largest knowledge graph, web mash-ups, reusable service oriented architectures and open source.


I love playing and making games, 3D modeling tools (mostly Blender), game engines (mostly Unity3D)


I love not doing things too, Continuous integration and delivery, DevOps teams, Configuration management, Automatic development environments, Infrastructure as code, Docker.


I love having living documentation, having confidence to make change, knowing what things should do and what they actually do, testing often, Jasmine for in browser tests, Driving browsers for integration tests, Unit testing and dependency injection, Test driven DevOps, Big Data, Design and Development

User Experience & Design

I love making simple and easy to use apps, designing mobile and user first, making sure effort is best spent on critical features, prototyping user interfaces, card sorting, information architecture and Photoshop.


References available on request, Email me at leepenkman@gmail.com